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Screening Questions for I-BEST Content Instructor

The candidate will understand the philosophy and vision of the I-BEST model and be aware of the I-BEST students' needs.

Here are some questions to help you assess your current teaching methods and styles with regard to I-BEST:

I-BEST Student Perception

1.  You will be working with students with an ESL background and/or low academic skills, and some may not have their high school diploma or their GED.  What are your teaching methods to make this mixed group of students successful in the classroom?

I-BEST Classroom Environment

2.  You will have students not willing to work with others.  How do you create a cooperative, learning environment?

Collaborative Teaching

3.  You will be co-teaching with another instructor, meaning you will be collaborating on your course in and out of the classroom.  How do you see yourself working collaboratively with other instructors regarding student assessment, homework, attendance and instructional delivery?

4. How comfortable are you changing your lesson plan "on the spot" to reflect the immediate students' needs?

5. How much time are you able to spend outside of class to revise and/or create lessons?