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Approval Process 

This information is geared more toward administrators than faculty, although these roles may often overlap.  

The application for I-BEST can be found here on the WA State Board for Community and Technical Colleges I-BEST link.    For questions about the application and process, you can contact Louisa Erickson at or 360-704-4368.

If you are in the initial stages of planning your I-BEST program, here is a sample 'to-do' list.  This is by no means comprehensive, but simply a framework for you to fill in according to your institution's needs, resources, population and timeline.

  •  Determine which professional-technical program you want to target.
    • Which programs are basic skills students interested in, currently enrolled in, and/or struggling in? 
    • Which career paths are in high demand?  
    • Which instructors and/or programs are enthusiastic and committed to the I-BEST model?
  • Meet with faculty to determine feasibility - is this a good match?
  • Determine if the prof-tech program meets SBCTC I-BEST guidelines.
  • Meet with student services to lay groundwork for financial aid, registration, advising, etc.
  • Draft application
  • Set initial planning meeting with technical/basic skills instructors
    • Establish collaboration plan
    • Set program structure
  • Plan data collection
    • Determine how you will measure the success of the program.
    • Meet with research office to establish data needs.
    • Schedule times, resources.
  • Recruit students (see I-BEST Recruitment for more information)
  • Schedule/ plan training seminars for I-BEST instructors
  • Schedule facilities
  • Start the program!